Brewery Site Leeds
Aerial view of Brewery Site Leeds

Aerial view of Brewery Site Leeds

About Brewery Site Leeds

As part of the transformation of the South Bank of Leeds, Vastint UK is delivering a major new scheme at the former brewery site. This will bring new homes, offices and cafes & restaurants; attracting investment into the city and bringing jobs to the area.

The scheme also delivers a major proportion of a new city park for the South Bank which will be the biggest green space the city centre has ever seen. It is intended that the Park will ultimately link to the River Aire as well, providing important amenity in this urban location and enhancing the value of neighbouring areas.

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Overview of the proposed first phase of Brewery Site Leeds:

  • Up to 850 homes; 5% of which will be affordable housing, in line with Leeds City Council’s policy.

  • Up to 85,000m2 employment space.

  • Up to 15,000m2 active uses including retail, (A1-5), cultural, educational, leisure or health (C2, D1,D2).

  • A hotel with up to 400 guest rooms and ancillary facilities.

Our vision

“To transform the South Bank of Leeds City Centre into a distinctive, vibrant, well connected, sustainable business and residential community which has at its heart a new City Centre Park.

The park will act as a catalyst for the regeneration and place-shaping of the South Bank of Leeds City Centre, by creating a vibrant and outward-facing public space that provides the context of the broader redevelopment of the area, and will help to improve connections to the surrounding communities in the Aire Valley, Hunslet, Richmond Hill, Beeston Hill and Holbeck.”

/  LCC, South Bank Planning Statement 2011  /

An artist’s impression of the City Park

An artist’s impression of the City Park

The new City Park

The City Park has been the starting point for the masterplan, providing the organising principle for the scale and layout of activities across the masterplan.

It’s also worth noting that the City Park doesn’t stop there; it includes other public and private spaces, connected in through landscaped ‘linkways’. Residential courtyards will look and feel like a continuation of the park.

The total size of the City Park will be around 5 hectares compared to the 3.5 hectares proposed in the South Bank Planning Statement. Vastint UK’s contribution on Phase 1 is 30% of the site, well exceeds the City’s 20% requirement, whilst the amount mooted on other landholdings is no more than 20%.

Vastint UK is putting 30% of the overall land holding into the City Park.

This is 50% more than the amount Leeds City Council required.

In contemplating the scale of an urban park, our designers’ ‘eureka’ moment was when they realised that this larger park would allow the historic buildings on the site – Salem Church, Tetley, Duke Studios and Crown Hotel to sit within a distinctive park setting. The aim is that this will allow them to be seen and celebrated as very much part of the City Park.